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who we are 01Our Mission:

NGMC instills pride and integrity while developing community through musical pursuits in Northern Nevada.


NGMC uses music to inspire its members and audiences, visualize a society with cultural diversity and acceptance, affirm the importance of all individuals, and promote social equality.


  • NGMC enriches, enlightens, and entertains our audiences and community through the power and artistry of music.
  • NGMC seeks to provide social and fellowship experiences that reach beyond the realm of our musical purpose to deepen and enrich the lives of our members.
  • NGMC provides opportunities to present a positive image for the GLBT minority in Northern Nevada.


  • Musical Excellence, Artistry, and Professionalism
  • Diversity and Inclusion
  • Education and Awareness
  • Gay pride and Positive images
  • Self-expression and Creativity
  • Visibility and Transparency

Our Goals:

  • To provide our audiences with an enjoyable and unforgettable musical experience
  • To increase membership within the organization
  • To continue to be a safe space for all members to express themselves

Nevada Gay Men's Chorus

PO Box 2752
Reno, Nevada 89505
Phone: (775) 525-1231

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